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SAP expands governance, risk and compliance solutions


SAP has announced new versions of products across its market-leading portfolio of SAP solutions for governance, risk and compliance. As the leading provider of unified GRC solutions, SAP enables organisations to drive an integrated corporate strategy that synchronises the management of enterprise risks, business controls and global trade compliance.

The new product features will help customers accelerate resolution of security authorisation issues without manual intervention, integrate risk and strategy management capabilities, assist in the central monitoring of business controls across multiple regions and IT landscapes, and help customers automate support for new trade and safety regulations.
SAP also said the GRC business unit has expanded its market footprint and seen strong adoption across regions and industries. Companies including Unilever and Veolia Environnement are among the leading global organisations that are deploying unified GRC solutions from SAP. By providing a unified, cross-enterprise approach to GRC, SAP helps customers deliver corporate accountability at both the line-of-business and boardroom level.
Building on its unified approach to GRC, SAP is releasing new versions of the SAP GRC Access Control, SAP GRC Process Control and SAP GRC Global Trade Services applications. In addition, the SAP GRC Risk Management application is now integrated with the SAP Strategy Management application, part of the company’s enterprise performance management solutions.
SAP GRC Access Control helps companies maintain compliance by validating that employee security authorisations match their roles and duties. The new version helps customers stay compliant, intelligently manage employee authorisations across mixed IT environments, allow for authorised exceptions and accelerate resolution of any violations – all while reducing costs. Innovative new features in SAP GRC Access Control take customers to the next level of compliance by: automatically detecting conflicting roles and security authorisations; scheduling regular, automatic reviews of all employees across the company; and centrally managing and controlling user access to various applications.
SAP GRC Process Control helps companies ensure compliance by centrally monitoring controls across multiple business processes – within SAP or non-SAP environments. The new release makes SAP a leader in combining manual control testing with automated continuous control monitoring in a single application, which allows comprehensive control management and helps customers cost-effectively comply with financial reporting regulations. The new version also enables customers to: automatically monitor compliance with more than 200 controls; detect control exceptions and prioritise corrective action; and improve user adoption with a completely redesigned user interface.
SAP has announced that SAP GRC Risk Management is now integrated with SAP Strategy Management, part of the company’s enterprise performance management portfolio. By linking strategy with risk management, executives can plan and execute corporate strategy with an in-depth understanding of the underlying risks. This integration will help companies to create a more “risk-intelligent” enterprise, allowing them to govern their overall business more effectively.