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Time to bust BI myths, says Nigel Pendse


It is time to bust many myths relating to the business intelligence (BI) market. This is the word from Nigel Pendse, creator of The BI Survey 7 (formerly The OLAP Survey). Pendse will be in South Africa on 17 April to present the findings of the seventh survey of this dynamic market, at VIBE, an event being hosted in Johannesburg by Harvey Jones.

"The BI market, like many other high-growth markets, is characterised by a number of perceived truths, some of which are myths," notes Pendse. "In this survey, now in this seventh iteration, we test many of these perceived truths, and show which are indeed not founded in reality."
Some of the perceived truths Pendse investigates are:
* Are data volumes really exploding? It is widely believed in the BI market that data warehouses and other BI systems are surging in the amounts of data they store and present for analysis. But is this true, or are they relatively static?
* Are you safer using a bigger vendor? This is a critical issue, as many companies are reluctant to engage with smaller vendors, seeking instead the perceived safety of the industry giants. The reality behind this perception is analysed.
* Do vendors and consultants understand really customer problems? Research embodied in the survey highlights the differing views towards BI deployments by these three parties.
* Is enterprise BI really here yet? Or will BI remain a departmentalised and divisionalised requirement and solution offering?
* Do you need a ROLAP architecture for near-realtime BI? It is widely believed that the time taken to build MOLAP cubes precludes their use in low latency applications, but is this true?
These, and many other issues will be addressed during VIBE, the second time Harvey Jones, one of South Africa's leading BI specialists, has made the results of the survey available in South Africa.
"The BI market is undergoing unprecedented change," says Harvey Jones MD Keith Jones. "This makes it vital that customers are made fully aware of what is available before they make a buying decision, or decide to switch from one product to another."
This year's survey is the biggest ever, attracting 2 746 responses, including more than 1 900 end-users and consultants. A minimum of 50 responses each was received from users of 16 BI products, making this the most statistically valid survey to date.
* The cost of VIBE is R2 999.00, with an early bird discount available. For further information, or to book your seat at VIBE, visit, or contact Simone Hales at