SanDisk has unveiled the multi-faceted Sansa Fuze MP3 player, loaded with capabilities and features to keep consumers well entertained while on the go.

Not only is it easy on the eye, it's easy on the pocketbook. With availability planned for April in Europe, Middle East and Africa, the Sansa Fuze player comes in SanDisk's classic black and capacities (2Gb, 4Gb and 8Gb).
In addition to playing music, video, photos, FM radio and audiobooks, the thin Sansa Fuze is packed with extras, including a microSD card slot to add and transport content with ease; a voice recorder to capture thoughts on the fly, and a bright, 1,9-inch colour screen that allows users to easily navigate their music or watch videos in landscape mode.
"The Sansa Fuze is an eye-catching player that consumers will enjoy for its books, capabilities and incredible value," said Eric Bone, vice president of product marketing for Sansa, SanDisk's audio/video product line. "This new MP3 player combines some of the best features found on other Sansa products, including superb sound quality."
A distinguishing feature of the Sansa Fuze player is its microSD card slot. This memory slot provides consumers with the ability to not only expand the player's storage capacity – providing ample space for thousands of additional songs, hours of video and numerous photos – but also to quickly add content onto their device and manage content libraries (such as albums) on separate microSD cards.
Moreover, by using a SanDisk microSD card, users can easily transfer their music and other content from their Sansa MP3 player to their mobile phone, or even their PC.
The Sansa Fuze MP3 player gives users access to subscription download services from numerous sources.  In addition, it supports playback of a wide range of popular music formats such as MP3, WAV, Audible (for audio books) and Windows Media Audio (WMA) in both unprotected and protected files.
Sansa Fuze supports MPEG-4 video and JPEG photos. Its internal rechargeable battery will play up to 24 hours of audio and five hours of video between charges.
The MP3 player works with computers running Windows XP or Windows Vista. It also works with Mac and Linux operating systems (under MSC mode).