Mio is known for its focus on expansion and enhancement of their product range and one of its car navigation devices, the C520, is taking South Africa by storm.

The Mio C520 is small enough to slip into a pocket thus it is ready for that last minute trip and with the built-in Bluetooth speakerphone, users can also talk safely while driving.
The Mio C520 includes an audio player which plays standard digital audio files like MP3, so users are able to transfer their favourite tunes from their computer for enjoyment on the road.
The highly sensitive 20-channel SiRFstarIII GPS receiver provides accurate navigation in challenging environments. Whether in the centre of a city surrounded by skyscrapers or in the heart of a forest, users can be re-assured that the SiRFstarIII will track their position.
The Mio C520 is easy to use, with extra large icons for intuitive data input and menu navigation.
It supports Import of Outlook Contact Addresses that allows users to keep in touch with the office. I
n addition, users can transfer contacts from Microsoft Outlook for instant navigation to their address.