LogiXML, the global provider of interactive, Web-based Business Intelligence, has announced that downloads of the popular Logi Report have exceeded the 25 000 figure last year, signaling strong interest in Web-based reporting software as a solution to the needs of organisations that maintain data-rich applications and databases.

Downloads averaged 2 500 per month in 2007 and exceeded 3 000 in September and October.
Logi Report is a full-featured, free reporting tool from LogiXML that allows developers and power users to quickly create and publish Web-based corporate reports for the entire organisation. Users can quickly and easily build interactive, Web-based reports complete with crosstabs, drill-down and drill-through, charting, data grouping, on-the-fly sorting and paging, and more.
Application developers and VARs are also strong elements of the Logi Report community. They are attracted by the fact that Logi Report can be embedded in their products at no charge and distributed without licensing restriction – an option not always available in Open Source software.
"LogiXML began offering Logi Report free of charge in 2004 to help prove that a powerful reporting product that offers high value, is easy-to-use and is pure Web-based could help revolutionise the BI marketplace,” says local LogiXML representative Wayne Wrigley.
“The record number of product downloads continues to prove our point and demonstrates how success can be measured by the phenomenal impact our products are making in organisations around the world.”
Logi Report is used by tens of thousands of users around the world to build fully functional reports that leverage the value of organisational data.
Logi Report is offered free of charge at www.freereporting.com.
All reports built with Logi Report are fully upward compatible with the LogiXML Logi 8 Business Intelligence platform for organisations that want to add Dashboards, security options and more sophisticated analysis components.