EasyInfo is hoping to benefit from the maturing telecommunications industry and has responded to a Neotel tender by expounding the synergies between its directory services and the second network operator's database. 

Neotel's directory offering creates an opportunity for Easyinfo, which offers its own directory services across many media forms.
"EasyInfo has an established directory service and our website receives over 1-million impressions per month making it a sought-after space for advertisers. So, combining our data-base and expertise with Neotel will definitely lead to a comprehensive directory service for them," says Dennis Armstrong, marketing and business development director for EasyInfo.
Armstrong comments on the Neotel tender: "This offers a great avenue to increase our user base through this new service to Neotel, while bringing a large base of potential customers to Neotel from our own stable."
EasyInfo began its directory service through an off-line stiffy disk 13 years ago and has since morphed its business model into an online service, print and mobile forms as well.