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Effective technology critical for automotive operators


Operators within the automotive industry face the prospect of trade within a turbulent market and acknowledge the importance of strategic technology solutions.

So claims Callie Human, executive director at eliance, a national provider of comprehensive business solutions targeting the automotive sector.
The automotive sector is noticeably faster and more efficient than many other market segments as far as the adoption, installation and use of information and communication technology is concerned he says.
Human refers to the introduction of the National Credit Act as an example of the extent to which the industry has evolved in this regard and is able to meet the challenges of this marketplace.
“The motor industry was actually ready to provide and release the software and to transact in the new way. It was a serious reality check as to the maturity of our IT adoption strategy and implementation,” he says.
eliance is positioned at the forefront of developing and supplying software solutions to the automotive industry.
Incorporation of reliable, effective technology and system infrastructure has always played a role in business but is now considered absolutely fundamental for any serious contender – especially under current market conditions claims Human. .
“After many years of high retail volume and ‘bumper’ seasons in the motor industry, we are experiencing a slow down. Under these ultra-competitive circumstances operators are obliged to be proactive and not reactive – and investment in the relationship with a true software solutions and services provider does make a difference,” he says.
The chief aim is to provide a centralized solution that provides a single interface for operators through which they are able to manage a multi-level, multi-functional environment.
”We have extensive experience in software development and implementation in this industry. Our portfolio of services and solutions are designed to alleviate pressure on managers in their efforts to co-ordinate different divisions, levels of service and business silos – it represents a cohesive solution to streamline service and operations.”
The automotive industry has been forced to keep up with technology innovation and integration, a major contributing factor behind the rate of adoption and usage Human continues.
“Consumers are utilizing the Internet and e-mail as an important channel through which to purchase a vehicle. We have a vested interest in ensuring there are systems and solutions that can manage challenging market dynamics. Exciting times lie ahead for this industry and future technology,” he adds.