In its quest to make GPS solutions more affordable to the local market, HandyMAP offers free GPS map updates twice a year.

Maction Technologies regional manager Kun-cheng Tu says there are many GPS vendors that misinform consumers of the cost involved in keeping their GPS devices updated with the latest map information.
He says they seldom reveal the cost of upgrading their software and hardware – especially when the software cannot be upgraded and consumers need to purchase new hardware.
“Most people only realise the cost of upgrading after the first year. Devices fast become outdated, especially with all the road changes happening across South Africa. HandyMAP is the only GPS software that offers software upgrade option at a nominal cost without having to pay for new hardware.”
No GPS vendor in the world can guarantee 100% data accuracy and the most up-to-date information in all the areas by the time it is available to the market. HandyMAP provides free map updates twice a year for the product's lifetime. HandyMAP also ensures that consumers living in remote areas receive up-to-date data free of charge.
Accuracy is a key factor that needs to be considered when purchasing a GPS solution. Justmobile recently launched the Holux GPSmile 53CLife GPS, sporting a 32-channel receiving chipset loaded with HandyMAP. This means one doesn’t lose a signal that often while driving or in built-up city centres. Establishing satellite reception is fast, and the same with reactivating reception after one has turned the unit off.
Justmobile director Justin Steven says the Holux GPSmile 53CLife provides users with easy-to-use, simple, and accurate automobile navigation.
“The modern technology, convenient operation, simple and highly accurate navigation of the GPSmile, provides users with a pleasant, trouble-free driving experience. Built-in MediaTek (MTK) GPS solution, the newest-generation, high-performance receiving chipset, ensures uninterrupted reception and eliminates blind spots. Now Holux has made history in South Africa again by launching the high-tech chipset ahead of any of its rivals."
The new Holux GPSmile 53CLife portable automobile navigation device comes with some neat features including photo viewing, eBook, and MP3 player. It also comes with a stylus which makes it easy to enter destination addresses. There is 32MB of NAND flash memory on-board and 64MB SDRAM memory for operating system and embedded applications.