Easing the pain of the waiting period for ADSL installation, MWeb is offering all its self-install ADSL subscribers free dial-up Internet access while Telkom processes their applications.

According to MWeb GM Natalie Thayer, it currently takes Telkom four to six weeks to process an application for the ADSL Self-Install Option which can lead to high levels of frustration among subscribers who are keen to access the Internet.
“At MWeb we are committed to providing the fastest possible Internet access to both residential and business users," Thayer says. "We’ve therefore come up with this solution to ensure that our subscribers are online immediately.”
Thayer explains that although subscribers will be liable for the cost of the dial-up calls, they will be able to access the Internet right away and there will be no limit to the time spent online.
Available to both new and existing subscribers who want to upgrade to MWeb ADSL, she adds, customers will also enjoy the benefits of MWeb’s exclusive free subscriber services such as virus and spam filtering, parental guidance software, four extra e-mail addresses, a 2Gb mailbox, MWeb Faxmail and online security from McAfee.