Nashua has launched an all-in-one wide format solution, the Aficio MP W2400 and MP W3600, providing integrated print, copy and scan functionality.

The MP W2400 and MP W3600 devices are ideal for any environment that needs to project a professional image by reproducing black and white plans, maps, construction drawings or any other large format documents. The devices offer edge-to-edge accuracy at a sharp 600dpi resolution and with up to 256 greyscales. Vivid details are created as solid fills are blacker, lines are finer and crisper, and halftones and shading are optimised.
Goodwill Moyo, product manager at Nashua, comments: “When you think of wide format document production, ‘small space’ is not a thought that usually comes to mind, until now. Nashua’s MP W2400 and MP W3600 are multipurpose devices in every sense.
"The devices save on office space by eliminating the need for a separate print room or multiple machines that print, scan, copy and archive as the MP W2400/MP W3600 offer all of these services and more in one remarkably compact device.”
The MP W2400/MP W3600 has a small footprint, it can be conveniently placed in the work area to produce check plots, scans, prints and even more multifaceted distribution sets directly from a desk. While output can be managed from the front of the device, outsized originals can easily be stacked at the back. Optional original hangers for easy handling and scanning of documents can also be placed in front of the machine.
“Saving space is great. Saving time is even better. The device can accelerate workflow and saves time by processing different paper sizes at once,” adds Goodwill.
The MP W2400 and MP W3600 handle paper sizes from A4 up to A0 with a selection of either one or two roll configuration to increase time between paper changes. Alternatively, users can opt for the additional space saving upper output stacker that holds up to 50 sheets. Both devices were designed to also handle less common paper types via the optional bypass tray.
“We all know when deadlines are looming, there’s no time to waste. So responding to urgent demands is no problem at all as it takes the system less than two minutes to warm up with the first output page in only 21 seconds (A1). The high speed engines of the MP W2400/MP W3600 produce 4,8 linear meters of paper per minute, which is equivalent to 4,4 A1 copies for the MP W2400 and 6,4 A1 copies for the MP W3600,” Goodwill continues.
Tailored according to clients’ specific needs, users can select between two controller possibilities. General office environments prefer the cost efficient embedded GW controller while more demanding environments, favour the external RATIO controller.
The GW controller enhances productivity as it connects the mainframe directly to the network and bundles the most common and desired functions. CAD users have the possibility of submitting their print jobs in the same way as printing to regular office printers.
The external RATIO controller’s superior processing power accelerates the production process even further by using a separate PC to rip the files. While it handles a larger variety of file formats, it also offers direct CAD printing and simple management of print jobs and queues.
Once paper documents are digitised and stored onto the devices’ 80GB hard disk drive for up to 180 days, it's easily retrievable.
The simple procedure allows an entire office to share fully-editable files through a range of effortless and secure distribution tools such as Scan-to-Email, Scan-to-Folder, Scan-to-FTP, Scan-to-URL and Scan-to-NCP (Novell protocol). The MP W2400 and MP W3600 devices are equipped with powerful security measures to protect sensitive information and data through authentication, data encryption and IP filtering.
Continues Goodwill: “Everything about the MP W2400/MP W3600 is about ease of use and client convenience. One of the features that adds to this statement is the intuitive LCD panel that allows even occasional users to effortlessly find the right settings without wasting valuable company time. Should they really struggle and punch in some irregularities, the animated user guide will help them to find a quick and effective solution.
“Another key feature associated with the devices is that companies can for instance prevent brittle, old and irreplaceable original blueprints for instance, from being damaged by using the ‘scan once, print many’ technology. Not only are the blueprints protected but large documents can also easily be rescaled from an A0 to A4 or vice versa to make it easier to handle.”
Allowing prints from AutoCAD, Windows, Bentley and other applications commonly used in technical businesses, the MP W2400 and MP W3600 are ready for complete integration into any business workflow through fast and easy network connectivity for practically any type of environment.