The Critical Power and Cooling Services business unit of Schneider Electric has announced the APC Back-UPS RS 650VA and 1100VA. These new units offer four power outlets in proven product design, with 390 or 660 watt of power, extensive runtime and Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) technology.

"We continue to make great strides in the advancement of APC’s Back-UPS family to meet the evolving needs of power customers," says Joe Loberti, vice-president of Home and Distributed Systems, Critical Power and Cooling Services division of Schneider Electric. "Today’s business desktops are highly configured with several peripherals and higher power and runtime requirements. Users are looking for cost-effective, reliable solutions for protecting their hardware and more importantly their data on their desktops."
The Back-UPS RS 650 and 1100 offer high performance protection for home and business computer systems. These new units provide abundant battery backup power, allowing users to work through medium and extended power outages with runtimes of up to 46 minutes (BR650CI) and 84 minutes (BR1100CI), depending on the units’ load. The units’ AVR feature enables users to work through just about any power condition by supplying safe, consistent power to the computer in case of over-voltage or brownout conditions, without running on battery.
With four outlets, three with battery backup and surge and one with surge protection only, the Back-UPS RS also safeguards equipment from damaging surges and spikes that travel along utility and phone lines. APC’s new Back-UPS RS 650 and 1100 units are currently available through all distribution channels including retail, catalogues, resellers and online.