The CA division at Workgroup has announced that it is now well positioned to provide broad-based support for Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008 across CA's product lines to enable Microsoft customers to effectively manage, govern and secure even complex enterprise environments.

CA’s support for these products gives IT organisations the ability to manage the new versions in a manner that is consistent with the rest of their enterprise assets and services.
This is according to John Thompson, CA product manager at Workgroup who says that customers have expressed enthusiasm around the vibrant eco-system that has developed around Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008.
“CA’s support of these new products will help customers successfully migrate, manage and optimise their increasingly complex and mission-critical computing environments,” he adds.
Products that support Windows Server 2008 include:
* CA ARCserve Backup, which has achieved Windows Server 2008 certification for automated data protection and rapid recovery management.
* CA Threat Manager, CA Anti-Virus and CA Anti-Spyware for simplifying security management and ensuring that security policies are consistently enforced across all platforms during and after migration.
* CA Storage Resource Manager for understanding what data resides on Windows Server 2008 platforms and its access paths, simplifying decision-making impacting access, protection of business critical data, and compliance and regulatory initiatives.
* CA Client Management for inventorying, managing and delivering software to Windows Server 2008 systems.
Products that will support SQL Server 2008 include:
* CA Database Management for Distributed Databases for performance optimisation and monitoring, as well as automation of routine maintenance tasks that address fragmentation and recovery storage space.
* CA Erwin Data Modeler for visualising complex data structures, designing information assets, maintaining organisation-wide standards and automatically generating schemas for SQL Server 2008 and other databases.
* CA AutoSys Workload Automation for rules-based execution and coordination of critical business processes in both SQL Server 2008 and other core applications, such as ERP and transaction processing systems.
* CA ARCserve Backup for automated data protection and rapid recovery management.
Products that will support Visual Studio 2008 include:
* CA Erwin Data Modeler for managing the design, development and deployment of database applications.
* CA Software Change Manager for managing the development lifecycle of applications built with Visual Studio 2008.
* CA Plex for creating service-oriented business applications for the .Net framework.