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Design and performance feature of Lenovo consumer desktops


Tarsus Technologies has announced the local availability of Lenovo's new 3000K range of consumer-focused desktops.

Aimed at discerning users who are looking for the something out of the ordinary, Brett Walter, Lenovo product manager at Tarsus, says that the 3000K range benefits from a mix of the highest-end components available on the market today and a number of innovative advancements from Lenovo's Lab in China.
Looking at specifics, Walter says that most computers today are capable of throttling their power consumption down when dealing with less demanding tasks, and conversely, running at their top performance level when the system is being placed under a high level of stress.
"Few desktops are capable of clearly, yet stylishly communicating what performance mode they're in to their users and furthermore, allowing them to easily switch between modes using features built into the operating system," he adds.
"Lenovo, however, has dealt with this need by making the illumination of the desktop's front bezel change colour according to mode. While red illumination denotes that the system is in 'turbo' mode and as such is geared up to perform at its peak, green illumination denotes that the computer is configured for 'cool' operation and geared up to run with the lowest noise level.
"The system also supports an 'auto' mode, denoted by a blue light which offers users the best of both worlds," he explains.
A second feature that Walter cites as a differentiator for the 3000K range is the system recovery and backup console.
"It's a one-click solution that ensures that users are protected from software-based system failures within a space of minutes. Additionally, when there's a need to recover from a system crash, to restore an accidentally deleted file or deal with a file corruption, one click can generally rectify the issue."
The last feature that Walter believes sets the Lenovo 3000K apart from its competitors is an anti-bacterial keyboard.
"If one considers that this kind of computer will be used by the whole family, an antibacterial device is an extremely well thought out addition," says Walter. An active antibiotic ingredient is embedded in the materials that the keyboard is manufactured from, making it not only reliable, but perfect for the lifetime of the keyboard.
"I can see this particular feature becoming extremely sought after by other manufacturers in the years to come," he adds.
While most buyers will see these features as nothing more than novelties, Walter believes they are key differentiators. "What's more, this range is no slouch in the performance department, so it's safe to say that Lenovo will achieve great success with these products in retail.
"We're looking forward to this new range being a fast mover over the coming year," he concludes.
Lenovo's new 3000K range of consumer-focused desktops retail from R4 999.95 upwards, excluding VAT, available exclusively from Incredible Connection.