In his state of the nation address delivered in February, President Thabo Mbeki affirmed the importance of information and communications technology (ICT) as a facilitator of government plans and as a sector in its own right. ICT upgrades at the Department of Home Affairs and in the criminal justice system emphasise ICT’s importance in improving efficiency and conducting ‘business unusual’ in a strained economy.

In this environment, enterprises are increasingly requesting telecommunication operators to reduce costs, particularly on networks within metropolitan areas.
According to Stefano Mattiello, Executive Head of Enterprise Sales at Neotel, by standardising on Ethernet as the User to Network Interface (UNI) everywhere on a network, companies can reduce their network costs considerably. Furthermore, Ethernet can deliver bandwidth up to 1Gbps, which can be tailored to meet the needs of specific business applications.
For a ethernet network to stand out it should fulfill a number of criteria. “The service should be fully converged and fully managed, and offered as part of an integrated network. A true broadband offering also offers gigabit capacity at affordable pricing, with rates that are independent of circuit speed,” Mattiello says.
Matiello emphasises the importance of flexibility, reliability and scalability to a ethernet network, so as to enable cost-effective provisioning and service excellence for an expanding customer base. Bandwidth scalability should be seamless and agreements with customers should be characterised by simple and flexible pricing structures.
Neotel’s offering is aimed at addressing the limitations of available networks, and at increasing the efficiency of business networks in the main metropolitan areas of South Africa as part of Neotel’s broader enterprise offering. NeoMetro Link is offered as a dedicated, point-to-point and point-to-multi-point, fully converged solution, offering connectivity between customer sites within the same metropolitan area as well as access to Neotel’s bouquet of IP based services.
As the NeoMetro Link offering is a ubiquitous service provided via Cisco equipment, no change to the customer’s network is needed and there is ample choice with regard to bandwidth granularity options. Neotel’s IP network is by nature connectionless and provides ubiquitous access in South Africa.
Mattiello says that Neotel is committed to providing premium technologies in one solution that have the capability to grow with a customer’s business. “NeoMetro Link provides significant cost savings without sacrificing efficiency,” he concludes.