Windows Vista users are advised to update their Vista operating system with Service Pack 1 (SP1) when it gets pushed through Windows Update in April. The alternative is to download a 434,5Mb file now, which could be prohibitive for South African users. 

 The Windows Update version will be about 65Mb and will also be more specific for each individual PC, obviating many of the errors that users have complained of since downloading the standalone version of SP1.
Windows Update will update Vista according to how the user's PC is set up.
Meanwhile, users around the world have been downloading Vista SP1 and installing it, prompting a rash of complaints about how it's been implemented.
Microsoft does warn users that SP1 could clash with some security and other applications. The company strongly urges customers to wait for the Windows Updates version of the program.
Meanwhile, users worried about effects of a 65Mb download can rest assured that most South African access contracts will handle it with ease.
Nathier Kasu; head of products and Eric Appelboom; chief security specialist at MWeb, comment: "In the context of ’always-on' broadband, 65Mb is not a large file.
"MWeb members with laptops could also make use of the 300 free Wi-Fi minutes per month to download the file. This free WiFi is available at a convenient broadband-ready MWeb WiFi location of their choice.
"However, one should be aware that – large numbers of customers trying to access the update file at the same time will create congestion on the network. This should peak soon after the release of the update and will slow download times substantially.
"However, download times should improve a few days after the update is published.
"Narrowband (dial-up) customers are likely to experience problems trying to download a 65Mb update, so we recommend the stand-alone Service Pack be downloaded from a broadband connection, then saved onto a CD or flash disk and installed on the required computer.
"MWeb always recommends that customers download the latest service packs and Windows updates once they are available. These MS updates are important for customers: they should not simply ignore them. MS sends these security updates to protect computers from vulnerabilities in Windows that potential hackers might exploit."