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Accsys recruits adapt quickly to payroll environment


New job seekers entering the market with an eye on the HR and payroll profession have been successfully placed thanks, in part, to the services of Accsys PeoplePlace, the recruitment division of Accsys, a national provider of HR and payroll management solutions.

Accsys PeoplePlace was established to link up prospective employees with employers in the field of HR and payroll administration.
Andiswa Mjali, recruitment division manager, comments that although the division has been in operation for less than a year, it has already successfully placed a number of candidates in key positions.
Mjali refers to the case of Elizabeth Monyanyedi who was recruited as a salaries administrator by the Nampak Group Salaries Department.
According to Raymonde van den Berg, payroll administration manager & Dynamique system administrator at Nampak Management Services, this candidate stood out from a number of potential recruits and has adapted quickly to the processes and procedures in the department.
“Our payroll environment is unique and Elizabeth is competent in what she does. She has excelled in her learning and ability to grasp intricate processes. She is definitely an asset to the successful running of a payroll serving twelve thousand five hundred employees,” says Raymonde.
In another example Diedre Caulwell, CEO at ASHA Pre-school Association, has praised Accsys PeoplePlace for its handling of a placement at the organisation.
“My limited interaction with Accsys has always been positive. The brief for the placement was professionally taken. The candidates were appropriate and adequately prepared for the interview. Follow up has been professionally handled,” says Caulwell.
Teryl Schroenn, CEO at Accsys, continues to advocate the value in partnership with Accsys PeoplePlace to ensure a more meaningful, results-driven HR & payroll recruitment and placement process.    
The company was recently awarded the Top Technology 100 award for Excellence in the Management of People and is committed to ensuring that this recognition is followed through in the way they handle potential placements as well as their own staff.
“The early success of this division and the level of interest from clients and companies in the industry is evidence that there is still a definite requirement for this service in the marketplace. Skills shortages continue to impact on the growth and development of industries and we are pleased to spearhead this important initiative that is already making a difference to both employers and employees alike,” she says.