Local supplier of ITSM-related services, Nterprise Network Solutions (NNS), a 70 percent black-owned company, has been appointed as the first South African Baronscourt Gold Level partner.

With its international headquarters based in London and software development centre in Ireland, Baronscourt focuses on making security compliance easier for its customers through the development of software aimed at business and government that assists in the automation of compliance regulations and IT security awareness.
The Baronscourt MetaCompliance suite of software is designed to ensure that compliance awareness campaigns and IT security initiatives are adopted, understood and available to management in the event of a compliance failure or IT security breach. The software aims to allow companies to easily implement and sustain the communication of policies, company guidelines, regulatory imperatives and IT security standards and controls.
As a MetaPartner Gold Partner, NNS has demonstrated proven expertise in delivering compliance and security solutions to medium to large enterprises as well as high sales and technical capabilities and a commitment to further investment by gaining certification in Baronscourt Compliance Security solutions.
“At NNS, our greatest focus is to promote process management maturity,” says Peter Harms, MD of NNS. “We do so through the discovery and documentation of a client’s IT infrastructure, including all of the attributes necessary to understand the role and management requirements of individual components within the infrastructure.
“While we have always had the best infrastructure inventory and performance tools at our disposal, enabling us to stabilise the environment and move on to leveraging the investments which our clients have made in their infrastructure, we often find that our efforts are derailed by the inability of the organisation to enforce the necessary behaviour to make IT function as it should.
“Many of our clients have understood the necessity of bringing policies to bear on the behaviour of users and have, consequently, invested significant amounts in getting initiatives under way to institutionalise IT policies. However, there are many hurdles impeding the enforcement of IT policies and most of these initiatives eventually succumb to the difficulties and wither away.
“Baronscourt’s MetaCompliance range of solutions is designed to breathe new life into such initiatives as well as enabling those businesses embarking on the policy journey to plan and deliver a sorely needed facet of IT best management,” Harms explains. “It has been amazing to observe the positive effect that an enforceable policy has had on the conservation of precious bandwidth. We are now able to offer our clients a well rounded solution, ensuring that their efforts to maintain framework and statutory compliance stay firmly on track.”
Robbie O’Brien, CEO and founder of Baronscourt, add: “We believe that data protection and IT security best practice is a global issue, and has certainly become more important in the South African market in recent years. “Baronscourt and Nterprise Network Solutions share a similar vision of providing clients with best in class solutions underpinned by knowledge and expertise. We are delighted that our IT Governance, Risk and Compliance (IT GRC) software is supported in the South African market by experienced IT specialists.”