Cape-based The Programme Office (ThePO) has signed up as a consulting partner for Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software solution provider, Post Vision Technology. ThePO has also secured its first Project Portfolio Office (PPO) client in Cape Town, The Biovac Institute. 

PPO is Post Vision Technology’s web-based, enterprise capable application designed, developed and supported in South Africa to assist organisations to manage projects and project portfolios in various industries.
According to Neville Langdon, partner at ThePO, the organisation was launched recently to address a gap in the market around the implementation and outsourcing of project offices.
"There has been a marked increase in interest around the role of the project office in supporting the execution of business strategies," he says. "ThePO is able to assist companies of all sizes with the implementation of a project office, as well as supporting existing project offices to the point of maturity and providing an outsourced service.
"With the establishment of ThePO, we needed to set up a solid model for moving forward, particularly on the outsourcing side, and found that we required a web-based PPM tool in order to service customers remotely. We also wanted a solution that was user friendly and simple but offered the required level of functionality as well as a locally based solution provider, a critical consideration in terms of competitive pricing and local support. Post Vision and its PPO software offered the perfect fit for all of our requirements."
Guy Jelley, CEO of Post Vision Technology, adds: "Our PPOLive offering in particular is ideal for ThePO as it follows the On-Demand/ Software as a Service (SaaS) model which allows organisations and individuals access to the full PPO application on a hosted and rental basis over the Internet. This enables smaller businesses in particular to get the usage of this solution at a fraction of the cost and with no infrastructure-related concerns."
ThePO recently embarked on a PPM project with The Biovac Institute, a private/ public partnership, established to build vaccine manufacturing capacity in South Africa to supply local and regional vaccination needs.
"The Biovac Institute had identified the need to enhance its project management capability," explains Ganief Galvaan, partner at ThePO. "Many of its projects span continents and The Biovac Institute needed the structured capacity to manage the diverse project portfolio."
The organisation also needed accurate, real time project reporting to management and other key stakeholders to increase the likelihood of project successes. Says Galvaan: "In addition, the lifespan of The Biovac Institute’s projects are lengthy and there was a need to control scope creep.
"We decided that the first step for the organisation would be to create a project office, supported by a customised project management methodology, which would then be outsourced and that PPOLive was the technology needed to support the model we envisaged. At this point, The Biovac Institute’s project office has been successfully set up and the outsourced management by ThePO commenced at the beginning of this year.
"PPOLive is particularly beneficial to The Biovac Institute as it allows the organisation to add stakeholders around the world as users. In addition, users travelling can make use of PPO on the move. The Biovac Institute is also able to make regular reviews and tie project performance back to the original business case, to ensure it stays on track."
In addition, through the dashboard functionality of PPOLive, The Biovac Institute can enjoy the immediate availability of a view of each project on the go, covering the current project status, budget versus actual spend and risks, all in a single view.
Patrick Tippoo, R&D manager at The Biovac Institute, comments: "We recognised the benefits that PPOLive can offer and took the decision to make the investment to plug the gap. We already had a positive relationship with ThePO, who offered us a solution that met our requirements. We decided to outsource our programme office to ThePO because it gives us immediate programme office maturity at a very competitive price. It also relieved us of the immediate pressure of having to build the skills and capacity ourselves.
"Furthermore, PPOLive provides all the functionality that we would expect from the supporting technology, and does so in an extremely simple and user friendly manner. We liked the SaaS offering, as it has very favourable cost benefits, and allows us to upsize, downsize, or exit at any time – this was very attractive."