Just five months after unveiling its strategic partnership with Teradata, SAS has announced that the two partners have reached significant technical and sales milestones, allowing joint customers to benefit from in-database analytics sooner than anticipated.

In addition, the two companies have launched a new program to pre-package select SAS software on Teradata managed servers within Teradata environments.
“Today’s businesses are challenged to manage huge data volumes while optimizing analytical model development and deployment environments,” says Dan Vesset, program vice-president for Business Analytics Research at IDC.  “In-database analytics enables IT and analysts to be more productive and responsive to the growing demand by business decision makers for analytics-based strategic and operational decision support.
"This announcement shows that SAS and Teradata are closer to delivering on the promise of in-database analytics, which is to give customers a flexible, powerful means for implementing predictive analytics and information analysis in one location.”
Together, SAS and Teradata are enabling businesses to exploit SAS Analytics through the core parallel processing functionality inherent in Teradata’s architecture.
The new SAS Scoring Accelerator for Teradata enables customers to translate scoring models created in SAS Enterprise Miner into Teradata-specific functions to be executed directly within the Teradata environment. The results – enhanced model-scoring performance and more analytic models processed – mean faster predictive results.
In-database scoring improves accuracy of data analysis, reduces data movement and streamlines analytic processes, helping businesses with enterprise data warehouses deliver business intelligence quickly throughout the organization while maintaining data reliability and integrity.
An initial benchmark of the SAS Scoring Accelerator for Teradata achieved a 4 500% performance improvement on the number of records scored per second versus traditional SAS scoring with Teradata. Being able to process 45-times the number of records provides customers the ability to significantly increase the creation and deployment of more analytical models that drive critical business decisions for competitive advantage.
SAS will also be the first business intelligence and analytics vendor to package software directly into integrated, managed application servers within the Teradata environment. Phase one of this program is available now with additional offerings available in Q4 2008.  This program delivers seamless, transparent integration of data within a managed environment to provide lower total cost of ownership for IT.
“Organisations realise two critical benefits through SAS’ partnership with Teradata,” says Jim Davis, senior vice-president and chief marketing officer at SAS.  “One is specific to business: Decision makers can be more agile and responsive to changing market environments by leveraging their data as a strategic corporate asset.
"The other is the IT advantage of standardising on two market leaders for a single analytics, BI, data integration and data warehousing platform. By utilising the processing power of the Teradata Database and running analytics where the data resides, SAS is giving organisations another way to be more efficient and effective by helping them fully leverage their technology resources.”
Since its October announcement, the joint SAS and Teradata Center of Excellence has participated in more than 50 global customer engagements spanning all vertical markets. Customer feedback has been extremely positive, resulting in the need to increase global staffing by both SAS and Teradata to meet growing demand for consulting services and architecture assessment workshops.
“Customers are leveraging the benefits of our technical and solution architects working to optimise the performance and interoperability of SAS and Teradata,” comments Russ Cobb, vice-president of alliances and product marketing at SAS. “Our recommended best practices in data integration, business intelligence and analytical modelling have resulted in significant benefits for shared customers.
"For example, claims reporting at a leading insurance company dropped from 40 minutes to less than one minute. Such dramatic improvement enables them to be more responsive to their customers."
Darryl McDonald, chief marketing officer at Teradata, adds: “We are very pleased with the progress of the SAS and Teradata partnership – from both an R&D and a field engagement standpoint. While there is more to do, we have accomplished a lot in a short time. Our mutual customers are making smarter decisions with speed and precision, giving them competitive advantages in their markets.
"Our partnership with SAS takes this to the next level by ensuring they have even quicker access to analytic insights. For example, just consider the smart forecasting with SAS and Teradata that helped an entertainment company to lead its industry in sales.”
SAS and Teradata will continue to achieve key integration milestones over the next year that further extends the power of SAS Analytics and data transformations inside the Teradata Database engine. Additionally, the joint development plan calls for selected SAS solutions to be optimised with Teradata in key industries, beginning with financial services and retail.
For example, the newest release of SAS Anti-Money Laundering leverages SAS In-Database capabilities for Teradata. Organisations will now have the option to execute scenarios and risk factors within their Teradata enterprise data warehouses to substantially reduce data replication and significantly increase processing speed. This enables financial institutions to more efficiently monitor hundreds of millions of transactions daily.