Drive Control Corporation (DCC) has announced the availability of Sony's second generation Blu-ray disk writer drive, the BWU-200S.

On a recent visit to South Africa, Michael Tan, senior regional account manager of Sony Applications & Devices Marketing (Singapore), a company within Sony Electronics, explained that the new generation drive offers significant enhancements.
"PC users are storing more data such as movies and photos on their computers. This content can take time to burn. The advantage of the new BWU-200S model is it features a faster write speed, reducing burn time by up to 50 per cent when compared with its predecessor, the BWU-100A. It now takes approximately 45 minutes to record a 50GB BR-R disk."
This is largely due to the fact the BWU-200S now features a SATA interface, an enhancement over its predecessor's IDE interface. The drive also supports recordings on standard single layer 4.7GB DVD±R/±RW/RAM disks, 8.5GB DVD±R double/dual layer disks and CDs, ensuring the BWU-200Sprotects legacy technology.
"This model targets the renewed demand among consumers who can now enjoy enhanced benefits, such as more storage space per disk and an improved viewing experience on their PC or notebook," says Tan.
"We have seen an increasing demand for Blu-ray drives in the local market and believe that a single format will benefit both consumers and the industry, accelerating market expansion," says Jenny Rex, sales director at DCC. "DCC ensures that its resellers have access to the latest Blu-ray products, allowing them to offer the latest in Blu-ray technology to their customers.
"With a focus on quality, functionality and brand, we will also bundle Blu-ray movie titles with the drives so resellers have a value-added proposition to offer their customers."
Sony has seen a significant Blu-ray uptake in the South African market, based on its regional shipment figures of Blu-ray titles last year of approximately 31 500 titles.
Says Tan: "These figures are significantly higher than those of the other regions that we look after. Although South Africa is an emerging market, we have seen a definite interest and demand which is poised to increase this year."
Not only does the BWU-200S feature significant technology enhancements, it also retails at approximately R5 000.00 inclusive of VAT, almost R1 500.00 less than the first-generation model.