Symantec has announced Symantec Solutions for Windows, an enterprise-ready platform enabling small, mid-sized, and enterprise businesses to manage, secure and recover their Windows environments. Symantec Solutions for Windows is a complete infrastructure platform that allows organisations to standardize and automate their Windows software and processes.

“Whether an organisation wants to maximize the value of its investment in Windows, needs expert assistance to operate areas of their Windows environment, or simply needs a strategy for assessing, managing, and mitigating Windows IT risk, Symantec has world-class software and services to help them succeed,” says Sheldon Hand, storage specialist at Symantec. “With Symantec Solutions for Windows, we are providing a single platform with trusted solutions that address the most pressing requirements of today’s Windows-based businesses.”
Symantec delivers Windows confidence by providing small, mid-sized, and enterprise businesses with comprehensive solutions to help them fully protect their Windows environment, keeping their information managed, secure, and recoverable. With Symantec Solutions for Windows, businesses can now leverage trusted technologies from the industry leader in security, backup and recovery, and systems management solutions.
Symantec continues to expand the Symantec Solutions for Windows portfolio to support new Windows environments; for example, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 will be supported by almost all of Symantec’s technologies that support Windows. A few of these include Backup Exec; Backup Exec System Recovery; Symantec Protection Network; Symantec Endpoint Protection; Storage Foundation for Windows; Altiris Notification Server; Altiris Server Management Suite; and Altiris Client Management Suite.
The increasing integration among these solutions helps further ease management challenges while strengthening security and protecting business continuity not only for Windows Server 2008 infrastructures but also across Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange, SQL, Vista, XP, and Hyper-V Server environments.
The ongoing integration among Symantec Solutions for Windows products introduces unique benefits for businesses. For example:
* Symantec’s ThreatCon global security alerting system works together with Backup Exec and with Backup Exec System Recovery to enable automatic backups based on security threat levels.
* Backup Exec works with Symantec Protection Network – Symantec Online Storage to provide businesses a seamless, integrated solution for offsite storage and disaster recovery.
* Backup Exec and NetBackup work with Symantec Enterprise Vault to ensure fast, efficient backup and recovery for critical archives.
* Backup Exec works with Symantec Endpoint Protection to deliver up-to-the-minute security warnings and proactive backup protection.
* Backup Exec System Recovery 8 works with the Altiris Notification Server to enable Altiris administrators to manage backup tasks from their familiar interfaces and database frameworks.
* Backup Exec and Backup Exec System Recovery work together to enable advanced disaster recovery protection for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and other critical systems.
* Symantec Endpoint Protection works with Altiris Server Management Suite to streamline rollouts, facilitate migration from competitive products, and secure endpoint configurations.
Symantec is also currently working on the integration of Symantec Endpoint Protection, Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery, and Altiris Client Management Suite to deliver a comprehensive management solution for small and mid-sized businesses and enterprises.
Symantec Solutions for Windows are backed by support services and a network of experienced resellers and service partners to help businesses easily acquire, deploy, and manage their Windows systems and processes.