Prior to contracting Edgetec’s Managed Email service, AmVia received between 29 000 and 39 000 spam e-mails daily. Only one e-mail in 40 was a legitimate business communication. The rest were tying up bandwidth, server storage capacity and people’s time.

AmVia is South Africa's leading provider of fax server solutions, and the local distributor for RightFax. Without a good filter service, the company was drowning in spam.
“Spam e-mails were piling up in AmVia’s inboxes on a daily basis,” says Dean Irwin, Email Systems manager at Edgetec. “That ate up to 500MB of bandwidth daily, as much as 40 times what it needed to service the 1 000 legitimate e-mails that the company was receiving.”
Edgetec’s 99% success rate IN blocking spam has had a massively positive impact on AmVia’s network since it switched from an offshore service provider.
Although broadband has become more commonly available in South Africa, bandwidth costs are still relatively high in relation to more developed infrastructures.
“With the improvements in available bandwidth and increased throughput speeds in South Africa, managed e-mail has become a viable business proposition,” says Irwin.
Unfiltered e-mail exposes companies to HR and associated legal hassles.
“Companies must protect themselves against unwanted and possibly inappropriate content coming onto their networks,” he says. “That means everything from porn through to bandwidth-intensive MP3s and video files. On the other hand, they must also guard against sensitive information leaking out of their network. It’s not uncommon for employees, with all the best intentions, to inadvertently mail out sensitive information, such as sales forecasts, for example.”
AmVia used another, offshore service prior to contracting Edgetec.  
“In the past we needed to speak to the overseas vendor to set up any kind of reporting, which was expensive and time-consuming,” says AmVia’s Bruce Knight. “Having local support has made things so much easier for us that we’re now able to use some of the extended functionality that Edgetec Managed Email is offering, like a Web portal and outgoing e-mail filtering.
“The changeover was completely seamless and we’re very happy with the way things are going,” says Knight.
Edgetec’s Managed Email offering gives clients the benefits of a large, in-house enterprise IT department while deriving the economies of scale afforded by shared resources.
Edgetec’s Managed Email consists of core antivirus, anti-spam and content filtering services, with extras available. Users enjoy business continuity by having their full e-mail functionality available to them via a Web portal should their server fail for any reason. Edgetec Managed Email delivers disaster recovery by retaining all a client’s e-mail for seven days should their e-mail server fail, redirecting it to a different server if available and restoring it to the server when it becomes once more available. AmVia is using the core service.
The service has a 100% success rate blocking viruses by using three tier-one antivirus products in combination in addition to Edgetec’s own, proprietary antivirus software. Users have the ability to see their e-mails even when they’ve been quarantined. e-Mails can also be archived in line with current and emerging international legislation and regulations.
Administrators get full access to reporting including metrics such as latency, spam, who sends the most or biggest e-mails, and many more.
“Clients gain full visibility into their e-mail operation through the online console,” says Irwin. “It can also despatch different reports to different users, so the sales team can receive a report individualised from the HR team or the administration team, depending on what information they need to see.”