Now that Blu-ray Disc (BD) has emerged as the clear winner in the next-generation DVD format war, Rectron is emphasising its strengths as a heavyweight portable storage medium and the basis of the tomorrow’s high-definition multimedia experience with the launch of South Africa’s first 4x speed Blu-ray drives and burners.

“By distributing both the latest Lite-On branded Blu-ray hardware as well as the Sony Blu-ray media to complement it, Rectron now offers its customers a complete Blu-Ray solution,”  explains Werner Joubert, Rectron storage business manager. “With Blu-ray, users will not only have total control over their data storage requirements, but will also be able to experience full high-definition in their multimedia lifestyles.”
Rectron is the sole local distributor for Philips & Lite-On Digital Solutions (PLDS), the joint venture between Philips and Lite-On responsible for the Lite-On branded optical disc drive (ODD) business.
“As the worldwide leader in manufacturing and sales of optical storage products, Philips & Lite-On Digital Solutions has positioned itself to become the international industry-leading supplier of Blu‑ray writers and readers,” says Joubert.
“To make the Blu-ray format available for a wider audience, PLDS has introduced the Lite-On DH‑4O1S, which allows users to experience the full high-definition world by allowing them to play Blu-ray discs on their PCs.”
The suggested retail price for the Lite-On DH‑4O1S is R2 499, and Joubert believes this competitive price point makes it an attractive option for users looking for an economic solution for Blu-ray playback.
Besides allowing for playback of high-definition Blu-ray movies with the appropriate HDCP support, the Lite-On DH-4O1S also reads both single-layer and double-layer BD-R and RE media, as well as conventional DVDs and CD.
The new Lite-on DH-4B1S, retailing at a recommended price of R2 499, is the first serial ATA Blu-ray disk triple writer from Philips & Lite-On Digital Solutions.
“Through next-generation blue laser technology, the Lite-on DH-4B1S can record up to 25Gb of data on one BD-R  or BD-RE media, more than five times the capacity of a DVD media, or around 36-times capacity of a CD media,” says Joubert.
“This Blu-ray disk writer can write BD-R media at 4X maximum, rewrite BD-RE media at 2X maximum, and read BD-ROM media at 4X maximum.”
According to Joubert, commercial advertising, studios, photographers, movie makers, and IT managers will greatly benefit from the new Lite-on DH-4B1S.
“The Lite-on DH-4B1S can also provide high-definition entertainment for audio-visual enthusiasts,” he adds. “You can enjoy 1920×1080 high-definition Blu-ray movies using the DH-4B1S running on newer PC systems with the appropriate HDCP support.”
Besides supporting the latest next-generation DVD technology, as a high-speed DVD and CD writer, the Lite-on DH-4B1S is fully backwards compatible with conventional CD and DVD technology:
* Writes DVD+R and DVD-R media at 12X maximum;
* Writes DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL media at 8X maximum;
* Rewrites DVD+RW media at 8X maximum;
* Rewrites DVD-RW media at 6X maximum;
* Reads DVD-ROM media at 12X maximum;
* Writes CD-R media at 40X maximum;
* Rewrites Ultra-Speed CD-RW media at 24X maximum; and
* Reads CD-ROM media at 40X maximum.
“No matter what you want to back-up – important or personal data from digital still camera, digital video camcorder, TVs and so on – the Lite-on DH-4B1S is your best choice for recording large volumes of DVD and high-definition audio and video,” says Joubert.
“Its fast Blu-ray disk/DVD writing and rewriting functionality will meet the needs of the most demanding Blu-ray DVD title creating and multimedia applications on PCs.”
Other noteworthy features include the built-in Smart-Burn technology to handle buffer under-runs and full media compatibility for high-speed writing on DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, CD-R, and CD-RW media.
“With the electricity issues in South Africa, both the Lite-on DH-4B1S and DH-4O1S feature a power‑saving function.”