Esquire Technologies has announced the local availability of a new KWorld product set to change home theatre and PC entertainment systems.
Built for use in smaller spaces, the KWorld TV Box KWTVEXT1680R is ideal for bedrooms, dorm rooms, home offices, studio apartments and conference rooms.

The KWorld TV Box product lets users turn their computer monitors or projectors into all-in-one entertainment monitors and projectors – enabling gaming and TV viewing, working all from one screen with picture-in-picture features that allow them to easily and effectively multitask.
The unit is compatible with the PS3/ Nintendo WII, which means you can now play your games on your PC monitor or projector, as the box is high definition with a resolution of 1680×1080 that supports the PS3 and the WII.
The unit features display adapters for PS2, PS3 and Wii consoles as well as 1080i output support on most display units.
The KWorld TV Box includes an AV in port that supports component, composite and S-Video signals and a coax port, which allows users to hook up a TV antenna or a DSTV cable connection. To take up minimal space, the unit features a built in speaker, which eliminates the need for extra speakers cluttering the desk.
Users can plug in the KWorld HD TV ready TV Boxes, connect them to a DVD player, digital camera, VCR and PS2 or Xbox allowing for simple enjoyment of TV, DVDs, photos and games – all without the need to switch on the PC.
The KWorld TV Box also offers a multi-channel preview pane on the same screen that  allows users to figure out which TV channel they want to view without having to flip through all the channels.