The job market in South Africa is bouyant – but, while companies are looking out for staff, they are often simply unable to find them. 

Karen Geldenhuys, MD of ICT-focused recruitment company, Abacus Recruitment says that, while business confidence is at an all-time low, companies are looking for staff – but cannot find them.
“We are not finding the recruitment market bleak, we are just battling to find the right people for the jobs advertised," she says.
"In South Africa, empowerment equity is causing a strange turn of events. We are faced with a bleak skills shortage and yet we, as recruiters, are further hamstrung because we cannot recruit the staff that is needed.
"We understand the government’s empowerment goals, but we are facing a critical situation – there are posts that remain open because we cannot supply them with so-called empowered staff members."