Velocity fax is a new, free service offered by velocity³ from 1 April 2008.

Through a partnership with Integr8Fax and Safikatel, velocity fax has been launched as a free fax to eMail service, primarily aimed at the corporate environment. Users are able to receive faxes directly to their eMail boxes at no cost to them.
There are no setup costs involved and getting an organisation onto the solution is as easy as sending in a list of mailboxes.
"The days of free fax to eMail being perceived as a SOHO solution are well and truly ovee," says says Jonathan Kropf, MD of velocity³.
"The benefits of a service such as velocity fax become ever clearer as soon as IT managers and business people start investigating the benefits and cost savings that can be derived from using the solution.
"We see this offering as a way of assisting our customers to enhance their technology environment as well as enhance their service to their customers, without incurring the traditional costs associated with electronic fax solutions."