The VMware division at Workgroup has announced the local availability of VMware's Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), which has been enhanced with the general availability of VMware Virtual Desktop Manager 2.

The Desktop Manager allows users to securely connect to their virtual desktops in the data centre offering IT administrators a simpler way to manage virtual desktops. Furthermore, industry players like Dell, HP, IBM, NEC and Wyse Technology have embraced and extended VMware's virtual desktop solution, making it a complete desktop virtualisation solution for the enterprise.
This is according to Angeline de Castro, business unit manager: virtualisation at Workgroup who adds that VDI integrates VMware Infrastructure 3 and Virtual Desktop Manager 2, streamlining desktop management, reducing operational costs and providing business continuity capabilities that, until now, were available only for mission-critical server applications.
"By leveraging the capabilities of Infrastructure 3, this solution offers comparable enterprise-class performance, reliability, security, manageability and seamless integration in a single solution," says De Castro.
"Virtual Desktop Manager 2 enables users to access their virtual desktops using either a personal computer or thin client. The product's user-friendly interface lets administrators manage thousands of desktops at once, and reduces the time it takes to provision a new desktop from hours to minutes."
De Castro goes on to say that VDI creates an "any agent, any desk, anywhere" offering, which allows IT departments to centrally manage all virtual desktops and ensure appropriate redundancy, security, disaster recovery and isolation.
"VMware gives each agent an individualised desktop based on sign-in information. VDI is competitively priced and companies can re-deploy a number of their IT staff as they are no longer needed to provision new machines and manage the images of new desktops making the Return on Investment highly visible within the first year of investment."
Workgroup customers are deploying VMware desktop virtualisation solutions in greater numbers and this expanded VDI solution now provides these organisations with a complete and integrated end-to-end virtualisation solution. Customers can now manage virtual desktops with greater levels of operation efficiency, flexibility and security.