IDF, Shanghai – Intel today coined a new acronym for the industry at what has traditionally become known as Day Zero at its Intel Developer Forum (IDF).

CSLL – or Carry Small, Live Large – is the chip giant's new mobile research effort and envisages a mobile experience with smaller, more efficient devices that leverage other resources around them to provide a more personalised user experience.
Kevin Kahn, director of the communications technology lab at Intel, says the new vision with CSLL is to redefine mobility in terms of the user and not the engineer.
"It's not about redefining mobile devices, but rather the experience that people have working with their mobile devices," Kahn says. "Mobility today does have limitations in form factors, but it also has a limited world view – not just with voice, but with the Internet. Applications are limited and it is not really interactive with the world around the user.
"We need to think about what we want mobility to do for us," he adds. "Today, it is defined by the device and not by what we want to do as users.
"We want to do mobile in terms of what people want to do with it and that is the vision behind Carry Small, Live Large."
Kahn says there are numerous examples of the restrictions placed on users in today's mobile environment.
"When you get on a plane, for example, there is a screen on the back of the seat in front of you," he says. "Why shouldn't your device be able to connect to that so that you can use it for whatever you want to do.
"Similarly, when you take a photo on your device, why shouldn't you be able to place it near a projector and have the image projected on to a screen?"
Kahn says that the new CSLL research effort will focus on four main categories:
* Smaller form factor and improved power efficiency.
* Personalisation that anticipates user needs.
* More aware mobile devices that leverage and interact with technology in the environment.
* Standardisation.