iBurst’s simplified range of seven consolidated packages are available to new subscribers from today. 

Current subscribers will not be automatically migrated to the new packages.
“This is turning into an interesting year for iBurst," says CEO Thami Mtshali. "We’ve entered the voice communication market with the launch of Webfone and the reduction of our iCall VoIP rates. Now we’ve streamlined our data packages and made them simpler and more intuitive for the benefit of consumers."
The inclusive monthly data allowances of the consolidated packages and their respective pricing are as follows:
* 10Mb for no monthly subscription;
* 40Mb at R49.00 per month;
* 500Mb at R149.00 per month;
* 1 000Mb at R199.00 per month;
* 3 000Mb at R449.00 per month;
* 5 000Mb at R599.00 per month; and
* 10 000Mb at R999 per month.