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Dell optimises solutions for Windows Server 2008


Dell is giving customers a new way to simplify IT by delivering optimised solutions around Microsoft’s Windows Server 2008.

Available across Dell’s PowerEdge server line, Windows Server 2008 – when optimised by Dell – can provide customers with more energy efficient computing, simplified virtualisation and greater control for running mission critical business applications.
Dell has established comprehensive expertise in all aspects of Windows Server 2008 by working closely with Microsoft for the past three years and dedicating thousands of hours to developing field readiness and implementation capabilities. As a result, Dell created technology tools, processes and customisable infrastructure consulting services designed to enable the automation of and to simplify Windows Server 2008 adoption.
“Windows Server 2008 will revolutionise the data centre, and Dell is uniquely positioned to unlock and accelerate the potential of this next-generation operating system for our customers,” says Doug Downing, enterprise brand manager, Dell South Africa.
“Combined with Dell technology and services, Windows Server 2008 is easier to configure and deploy and helps deliver on our goal of simplifying IT, enabling customers to reduce costs and complexity as they take data centre computing to a new level.
Bob Muglia, senior vice-president of the Server and Tools Business at Microsoft, says: “Our customers are excited about the vibrant ecosystem that has developed around Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008. We look forward to continued work with Dell to extend the benefits of Windows Server 2008 to our customers across the globe.”
New features in Windows Server 2008 help simplify power management, making it easier to reduce data centre power consumption. These features, combined with Dell’s leading Energy Smart PowerEdge server and data centre solutions, enable customers to create more energy efficient data centres and effectively deliver on their corporate green IT initiatives.
Dell PowerEdge servers provide an ideal platform for virtualisation, and enable an easy path to a virtualized environment with the combination of Hyper-V technology built into Windows Server 2008. This combination helps customers simplify the way they consolidate, reduce power consumption and optimise their data centre operations.
Dell offers a comprehensive portfolio of services to best meet the unique needs of customers with diverse IT infrastructures and help simplify the adoption of Windows Server 2008. Dell’s Global Infrastructure Consulting Services (GICS) helps accelerate Windows Server 2008 deployment time and maintenance by leveraging a validated, repeatable migration process. Dell GICS ensures customer migrations to Windows Server 2008 are “right-sized,” fast and reliable, with no interruption to business operations.
Dell is working with customers worldwide to deliver smooth Windows Server 2008 migrations, with services and tools including:
* Factory testing and validation of Windows Server 2008 on Dell servers to ensure it will work in customers’ IT environments;
* Dell’s Readiness Advisor Tool, an easy-to-use, free online tool that can help save customers time and money by scanning their networks to determine which Dell servers are ready for Windows Server 2008;
* Pre-installation Microsoft security updates on every server, enabling more secure integration and faster deployment time; and
* Dell’s Windows Server 2008 Early Adopter Programme, providing migration consultants with “from the field” expertise and enabling them to be optimally prepared to assist customers in the evaluation, assessment, design, migration to and implementation of Microsoft’s new operating system platform.