Rectron has launched the latest line of video projection systems from Sony Electronics, designed for use in small to medium venues with limited space.

“The latest E-series business projectors are the Sony VPL-EW5, VPL-EX50, VPL-EX5 and VPL-ES5, all incorporating a three-LCD panel system that delivers consistently bright, true-to-life images of up to 2500 ANSI lumens of brightness,” says Werner Kuhn,  Werner Kuhn, peripherals business manager at Rectron.
Implemented for the first time in the E-series, the new models — except for the VPL-ES5 — feature Sony's unique BrightEra technology, making them the world's first HTPS LCD panels with an inorganic alignment layer.
“BrightEra enables the Sony E-Series display panels to be significantly resistant to the damage of UV rays caused by projector lamps, while allowing for increased aperture ratios – resulting in brighter and much more vivid, richer images available than on any other projectors available on the market today,” says Kuhn.
“With their vibrant, high-resolution images and enhanced image detail and contrast, Sony’s new E‑Series range can achieve up to WXGA (1280 x 800) and XGA (1024 x 768) resolutions with a high contrast ratio of up to 900:1.”
Kuhn adds that as the E-series projectors have distinctive features that allow for flexible, convenient placement where space is limited, the new range is ideal for use in small to medium-sized venues such as boardrooms, classrooms and at home.
“Its front-inclined design achieves optimal image placement, while the rear adjuster allows users to customise placement height without obstructing the projected image,” he explains. “A short throwing distance – starting from 2.3 metres when projecting an 80” image – allows projection on a large screen even in a limited space.”
For Kuhn, maintenance is also noteworthy. “Unlike other business projectors, maintenance is extremely easy and more affordable on these models,” he explains. “Air filters only need be replaced at the same time you replace the lamp; in other words, after between 2 000 and 3 000 hours of use.
"With other competitor’s products, you have to replace filters every 100 to 200 hours of usage. This requires more maintenance and call-outs, leading to unnecessary downtime and inconvenience, which is not the case with the Sony E-Series.”
The new Sony E-Series also features the innovative “Off & Go” function, which allows the power cord to be unplugged once the unit is turned off without having to wait for the projector to cool down.
Six picture modes – Dynamic, Standard, Presentation, Cinema, Game and Living – allow the user to select the optimal picture settings based on the image source.
Finally, in line with the continued focus on "green" issues, Sony reports it continually reviews its manufacturing operations and business practices to ensure products are developed in an “environmentally responsible manner”.
“With the E-Series, this means all four projectors reduce power consumption to below 3 watts in standby mode, one of the lowest standby power levels in the industry today,” says Kuhn. “In addition, the Power Saving mode ensures the unit automatically switches to standby mode if the projector is idle for 10 minutes or more.”
Halogenated flame retardants are also not used in the production of the projector chassis and printed wiring boards which can generate dioxin, a harmful carcinogen, when burned.