IDF, Shanghai – Holding up a motherboard that measured no more than 5cm by 5cm, Intel's Anand Chandrasekher, says that the company's Atom platform is only the beginning of things to come – smaller and smaller things.

While he refused to be drawn into details about Intel's next generation after Atom – codenamed Moorestown – Chandrasekher says that the motherboard is just one example of the kind of form factors that users can expect in the future.
"Today is an important day with the formal launch of Centrino Atom and Atom which are both in production and shipping," he says. "It means we are delivering on a promise that we made five years ago and a promise we made around mobile Internet devices (MIDs) last year.
"But this is just the beginning," he says. "This is the world's smallest motherboard, with a processor, chip set, wi-fi, Bluetooth, memory … it's a very small form factor and it's what is possible with Moorestown. We're building the heart of a new generation of machines.
"We see a robust future for MIDs – huge opportunities for software developers, for application developers … I say again: Atom is just the beginning."