Internet Solutions (IS) has introduced a new suite of Business ADSL services, especially tailored for IS customers with the Telkom “up to 4MB ADSL” line speed. It may be ordered at predetermined thresholds of 5Gb, 10Gb, 50Gb, 100Gb, 150Gb, 200Gb and 300Gb. 

IS access solutions manager Alan Bacher comments: “When a predetermined limit of bandwidth is consumed, the line speed will be reduced to 128kbps for the remainder of the month thus ensuring that connectivity for essential services such as mail and local browsing is maintained. IS will not restrict the Telkom-determined line speed until the threshold is reached.”
Bringing always-on broadband Internet access to the SME and Soho markets, this service allows for unlimited downloads – both local and international, and includes five public IP addresses that can be used for an e-mail server, www server and firewall.
Business ADSL services include the following:
* International portion runs over fibre;
* Five public IP addresses;
* 10 fax-to-email accounts;
* Anti-spam for 10 users;
* And ADSL router, configured by an IS engineer;
* Lightning protection;
* Line utilisation statistics; and
* 24/7 support.
Says Bacher: “We are particularly excited about offering the 5Gb and 10Gb services to small companies who require a business connection but at lower costs. This allows customers to utilize a fully managed business solution for less than R1 000.00 per month including the Telkom line rental. These services are also compatible with IS VOIS over ADSL.”