IS Partners has been appointed as the first South African reseller for Denmark-based timeXtender, an application toolset that radically changes the way Business Intelligence has been implemented in the past.

timeXtender has a strong hold on the Danish market, and is extending distribution of its product set to Europe, the US and Africa through a network of specialist BI partners.
“IS Partners is the leading supplier of Business Intelligence solutions in Africa, and has also received numerous accolades for its Microsoft-based Business Intelligence implementations. We are concentrating our efforts on developing and strengthening our cooperation with expert partners across the globe,” says Heine Krog Iversen, MD of timeXtender.
"timeXtender offers organisations a novel way to approach their Business Intelligence solutions. It delivers data validation, data transformation and OLAP cube creation without requiring any handwritten code, while ensuring best practices for SQL Server are also achieved. The result is a much more cost-effective, faster implementation that is also easier to maintain,” says Caron Mooney, director of IS Partners.
timeXtender assists organisations in overcoming many of the technical challenges of BI by auto-generating all code used. A stringent validation process ensures the accuracy and consistency of all data, which is crucial to effective decision-making.
The application also offers an environment for implementing changes to the BI system rapidly as market changes dictate. “Customisations can be implemented quickly because no custom code needs to be changed or written. If, for example, changes are required in the BI solution, this can be done easily from within timeXtender,” says Mooney.
timeXtender guides customers through data validation, data transformation and OLAP cube creation based on a hierarchical tree structure. “The BI solution can be designed by simply dragging and dropping components. This reduces the complexity and cost of the BI process dramatically,” she adds.
The application recognises that organisations store operational data in a variety of places. timeXtender connects to a host of different sources, including relational databases, spreadsheets as well as plain text files. It also integrates seamlessly with familiar target application such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft ProClarity, for example.
When a project is deployed, all generated code is automatically stored on the server, thereby providing complete flexibility and extensibility. “This results in a reduction in business intelligence implementation and maintenance time, allowing for an iterative approach whereby users can see what has been designed. Changes can be effected quickly and effortlessly, which ensures more time can be spend with users and their needs rather than on a technology run-around,” Mooney says.
Additional features include the ability to take advantage of legacy cubes and data warehouses, allow existing OLAP cubes and data warehouses to be analysed and changed in timeXtender. The application adheres to Business Intelligence best practices and versioning is also easily maintained.
“Skills are in critically short supply in the Bi space. timeXtender removes organisations’ dependence on this for development and maintenance of their BI implementations.  Businesses can also ensure real-world value rapidly as the tool-set is designed with the Microsoft framework in mind, which is fast becoming the platform of choice for BI deployments,” she adds.