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Rectron rolls out latest Sony business LCD display panel


Rectron has introduced the latest member of its Sony range of business LCD display panels – the Sony KLH-40X1, a 40-inch model targeted primarily at signage applications at public areas including hotels, airport terminals, retail areas, campuses and reception offices.

“The Sony KLH-40X1 offers affordable, simple, yet extremely attractive visual communications for locations ranging from shops and enterprises to hospitality venues and your living room,” says Werner Kuhn, peripherals business manager at Rectron.
With a suggested retail price of R11 595, the new Sony all-in-one LCD display panel incorporates a WXGA (1366 x 768 pixels) LCD screen, built-in stereo speakers and a stand for an impressive viewing experience with convenient setup.
“Normally, LCD panels only come standard with a wall bracket, and not a stand, which could cost an extra R995. Nor do they feature speakers, which could cost another R2 595.00,” Kuhn explains.
“Retailing for well under R12 000, the KLH-40X1 therefore simply offers outstanding value, and is the perfect solution for businesses and individuals seeking a full-solution LCD monitor that can satisfy all necessary technology demands we face today.”
Besides featuring an effective, silent heat management system – without an internal fan – the Sony KLH‑40X1 is compatible with the latest high-definition technological innovations, including Blu-Ray, the Sony Playstation 3, and so on.
“The unit features a wide variety of connectivity options, including VGA, HDMI and RS-232 inputs, making it ideal for professional applications where high brightness and controllable displays are needed,” says Kuhn.
Besides two High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) inputs for digital signal connection, high‑definition gaming and movies, the KLH-40X1 accepts multiple sources including analogue RGB, component input, S-video and video inputs, satisfying customer demand for various video sources.
Its support of RS-232C and Control S interfaces allow it to connect to professional devices for even more system versatility, and enable it to be fully controlled by external devices such as Sony’s VSP-NS7 Digital Signage Player.
In addition, this display can receive command signals from its built-in IR receiver and output these to external devices connected to it via a Control S interface, allowing for IR remote controllers to wirelessly operate the devices.
To cater for the needs of the hotel industry, the display panel included a special hotel menu with main function settings and professional adjustments.
“Although the 40X1 is a monitor and thus it does not come supplied with a built-in tuner device, one can still display TV signals on the unit very simply by connecting the 40X1 to your DSTV decoder or video recorder,” adds Kuhn.
The KLH-40X1 allows users to choose any one of the four picture modes according to applications. The four picture modes are: Vivid, Standard, Custom and True Colour Control.
With the True Colour Control, users can adjust the saturation and the hue of red, yellow, green and blue individually, using the colour palette on the screen, while the other colours and the white balance remain unchanged.
Furthermore, the KLH-40X1 integrates a high-performance scalar that can provide accurate pixel-by-pixel image reproduction, offering optimum image quality whatever the signal format.
The “Picture and Picture function”  allows the KLH-40X1 to simultaneously display two pictures side by side that originate from separate sources. Each picture is variable in size.
Finally, says Kuhn, the built-in speakers of the KLH-40X1 provide high-quality sound via the proprietary, high-end BBE and SRS WOW technologies.