Sybase SA’s BI Practice has been named winner of IBM’s prestigious "Best of the Best Business Partner Awards" for "Most Outstanding Information Management Solution", due to its achievement of the highest revenue in the partner base for Africa for IBM’s Information Management Brand.

“As the primary representative of this leading technology in South Africa, we are proud to be recognised for our dedication and performance,” comments Sybase SA’s CEO, Alan Cowley. “This award is especially significant because even though IBM’s Information Management brand covers many products, Sybase’s BI Practice got the award solely on the sales of the IBM Information Server product (IIS).
“Despite several supplier changes that we had to deal with, our commitment and investment in the product set has never changed,” he adds. “Sybase’s BI Practice division has been selling and supporting this technology through IBM’s acquisition trail since it’s days under the name of Ardent – DataStage.”
With regard to attributing why sales of the product have soared, he says that DataStage has always been the global leader in the ETL (data Extraction, Transformation and Loading) space. Following IBM’s acquisition of the product and subsequent enhancements, Cowley said that this technology has become the leader in the Data Integration space, that includes ETL, data profiling, data matching, and metadata.
“IIS completely addresses the current data integration requirements faced by all our local customers and sales still look set to increase,” he says. “The local technical knowledge and skills-base is solid, giving numerous customers the confidence to continue investing in it while the product suite is being expanded to an even bigger integration applicability.”
Cowley says that the award also proves that BI Practice is on its way to achieving its vision to become the best BI provider in Africa. It has more than doubled its business in the last two years, which Cowley largely attributes to the fact that BI Practice is an independent operating entity not only tied to Sybase products.
“This means our BI experts are able to design the best solutions for their customers,” he adds.