Fujitsu Services SA and Calkis Business Solutions have announced a
partnership to enhance the awareness and understanding of information
security and underlying processes among corporate employees in South

"Everyone is generically aware of the need for security when it comes to
both corporate and personal information, but few realise how their
actions, or lack thereof , impact on their  risk exposure," says Ugan
Naidoo, Management Consultant at Fujitsu Services SA.
"Investing  in the latest information security technology is not a
solution to this problem because people can and will always be the weakest
link in any system that has worldwide access  – which is almost every
corporate network today."
The problem companies face in securing information is that while it is
easy to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of data, it is difficult
to accomplish this while also ensuring its broad availability to the
appropriate people.
Security procedures must therefore be enforced in a controlled, yet
flexible manner.
"The only way to accomplish this effectively is to ensure that corporate
security is a combination of the traditional 'people, processes and
technology' triangle," explains Carel van Vuuren, CEO of Calkis Business
"The functioning of each component of the triangle is critical if an
holistic solution is to be developed that effectively secures corporate
data from unauthorised access."
The new partnership will therefore focus on ensuring corporations
implement robust processes and empower their workers, at all levels, to
take responsibility for the security of all information, as it applies to
their jobs.
To ensure the effectiveness of their awareness campaign, the companies
will not offer a traditional training programme that sees people falling
asleep in a classroom while a lecturer reads from a manual.
"People are only aware of the impact they can have on information security
when they personally identify with the principles and processes as it
applies in their world," adds Van Vuuren.
"Our programme makes this very clear through everyday examples and the
acting out of scenarios people can identify with."
The awareness drive is not a generic event that is presented to every
Fujitsu Services client. The security maturity level of the organisation's
employees is initially assessed and then targeted interventions are
designed to resolve the situation.
Naidoo adds that the partnership between Calkis and Fujitsu Services is a
perfect fit because both companies focus on the outcome, irrespective of
what technology the client has implemented.
"The partnership will focus on the effective understanding and
implementation of security processes by employees, irrespective of what
underlying technology is employed to support it," adds Naidoo.