Genesys Telecommunications Laboratorieshas introduced a  new set of
solutions that employ a business rules engine to shift call  answering
away from frustrating IVR menus and "voice mail jail" to an  intelligent
blend of self-service and live-service.

The new Genesys intelligent Customer Front Door, or iCFD, transforms the
experience for customers entering the "telephone front door" of
The iCFD is a unique combination of Genesys Dynamic Contact Centre
components and advanced self-service applications that:
* Discerns the identity and intent of a caller in the fewest steps
* Gathers relevant information from back-end data or workflow to
understand the context of their call
* Determines how to treat callers based on established business rules
* Matches the most relevant and available resource, including
self-service, proactive notification, automatic callback or  live service
deliver the best customer experience.
The iCFD breaks new ground in customer service call handling by applying
business rules that draw upon multiple ways to interact with customers and
resolve their requests, rather than forcing customers into an automated
system that is singularly focused on cost containment, as with traditional
For example:
* At a major North American utility company, callers that discussed a
service request two days prior may be connected automatically to the same
agent that handled the initial request when that agent is present and
* At a European airline, a customer calling 3 hours before departure time
on a scheduled itinerary may be connected to flight status automatically,
and be offered proactive notification of changes in flight status, and
then be prompted in self-service to consider an upgrade purchase.
* At a global wireless provider, a caller responding to a sales promotion
can be offered the opportunity to buy immediately rather than sifting
through irrelevant choices.
"The days of offering the same call answering options to every caller are
over," said Eric Tamblyn, Vice President of Product Marketing for Genesys.
"The iCFD redefines the role of self service, away from mere cost savings
and toward an improved customer experience. The iCFD is a key instrument
for Genesys customers to enable Dynamic Contact Centres that are capable
of adjusting to customer needs in multiple ways."
The iCFD solutions can combine self-service and speech technologies, a
business rules engine that controls routing of customer interactions, and
a customer interaction management platform that monitors and controls
assisted service agents and key capabilities such as callback and
proactive contact to deliver a complete customer experience.  The iCFD
business rules engine dynamically creates options for self-service and
provides responses via self-service, proactive notification, automatic
callback or by routing directly to an expert resource, thus delivering
fast resolution and superior service.
This combination improves the caller’s experience, reduces customer
frustration and can significantly reduce operating costs. The iCFD is
designed for enterprises or managed service providers who serve
sophisticated customer environments with multiple customer types and
contact numbers, and large swings in volume of inquiries.  iCFD is enabled
to operate in multiple languages with any speech recognition software, and
can include business processes tailored to the unique needs of any
customer service organisation.
The iCFD is implemented through Genesys with its key partners who have
developed specialized applications designed to meet enterprise needs.  The
iCFD solution can co-exist within multi-vendor environments and is
extensible to multiple contact options (i.e. callback, proactive contact).