The broadband market continues to see lower prices, with Nashua Mobile now extending its promotional pricing for entry-level ADSL services to last for the next 12 months.


This means that customers applying for this 1GB/384kbps package before 31 March 2009 will only pay R139.00 per month for the 12-month period of their contract.
The promotion gives customers access to affordable broadband.
Customers can sign up for a one-year 384kbps ADSL subscription including DSL line rental, 1GB of data, a 4GB POP mailbox and free fax-to-email (excluding analogue line rental and calls) for as little as R139.00 a month for the duration of the promotion.
The package, which includes a Billion ADSL router usually costs R195.00 a month. Customers benefit from this promotional pricing for the entire duration of his or her 12-month contract with Nashua Mobile with no price increases during this time.
The ADSL broadband special, which includes 1GB of data, represents a saving of R56.00 a month compared to the usual price. Once customers have used this data, they can top-up at R95 per gigabyte using Nashua Mobile's self-service portal.
“We’re bringing more competition to this market, and hope to help drive prices down even more as and when the opportunities arise,” says Mark Taylor, managing director at Nashua Mobile.
Nashua Mobile embarked on a campaign to cure the condition of 'Internet-lessness' in South Africa. The company defines 'Internet-lessness' as an absence of a connection to the Internet resulting from high costs and/or a lack of knowledge of the benefits from being connected to the Internet.