Mimecast has helped Hollard eradicate spam and save 60% to 70% on resource time and costs dedicated to handling e-mails.

Hollard, the largest privately-owned insurance company in South Africa, has implemented Mimecast in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their email infrastructure. Despite having systems in place, Hollard were experiencing a large number of malicious spam attacks, causing valuable bandwidth to be saturated.
After a year of evaluating suitable alternatives to their previous email management systems, Mimecast was the only anti-spam solution to offer zero false-positives.
In addition, Hollard was unable to find a single unified vendor to cover the vast array of management components that Mimecast provided, and the TCO (total cost of ownership) of these disparate on-site solutions greatly exceeded the TCO of the service that Mimecast offered.
“It was the unique way in which Mimecast handled spam that initially attracted us to the solution” explains Dieter Berndt, security analyst for Hollard.
Moving to Mimecast meant Hollard could take advantage of a triple resilient, carrier-grade infrastructure and eliminate their spam issues. Traditional email security technologies use on-disk methods whereby all email is accepted to disk before applying security checks. Consequently, any influx in spam causes delays and places severe processing stain on internal infrastructure.
However, Mimecast’s on-the-wire approach means 98% of spam is dropped, and customers are unaffected by the increase volumes of spam and e-mail-based Denial of Service. Quite simply, spam is left with the spammers.
"The savings experienced with Mimecast on spam issues alone are significant, but, in addition, the content filters in use on the Mimecast system contributed significantly in alleviating the senseless bandwidth wastage by some users,” adds Berndt.
“Previously, the delays we experienced were the result of huge volumes of junk email, but, by having a combined solution this problem has eased and we are now able to concentrate on managing the environment in order to prioritise our business communications."
Garth Wittles, MD of Mimecast South Africa, adds: “Hollard’s experience of a substantial decrease in bandwidth utilisation from email stems from the lack of spam coming down the lines, and, is a direct consequence of Mimecast dealing with spam at the perimeter of its off-site location.
“The issues of false positives and spam are rife within many organisations. Our unique way of handling these issues differentiates us from other vendors and is one of the reasons behind our continued success.”