The progress and fitness of a runner in the Paris Marathon was shown live on the Internet yesterday (6 April). Using Bluetooth wireless technology, the runner’s heart rate, ECG, location and speed could be monitored remotely in real time on the website

The live webcast is a collaboration between the Australian company Alive Technologies and the French company Cyberfab, both members of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group.
The runner wore a Bluetooth heart monitor, developed by Alive Technologies, a Bluetooth GPS receiver and a Bluetooth mobile phone.
The mobile phone collects the data from both devices and transmits them to a web server. From start till finish of the marathon, visitors were able to follow the progress of the runner live.
The runner’s position in the marathon was displayed on a map of the course in realtime, accompanied by graphs of the ECG, heart rate, speed and altitude.
“The use of Bluetooth health monitoring technology allows health and fitness data to be sent via a mobile phone and stored in a Personal Health Record such as the recently announced Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault," says Bruce Satchwell, CEO of Alive Technologies.
“This demonstration shows the potential for new coaching and personal monitoring services allowing anybody to actively participate in enhancing their fitness and performance” says Michael Setton, CEO of Cyberfab.
"We are delighted to see that these companies are modernising health and fitness monitoring by using Bluetooth wireless technology. Being able to monitor data in mobile situations in real time will permit quicker and better assessment of performances. The Bluetooth SIG is committed to further progress in this area, especially with the development of ultra low power Bluetooth technology,” says Anders Edlund, Marketing Director of Bluetooth SIG.