Phoenix Software, one of the fastest growing software re-publishers, has won a strategic contract to distribute BluBox compression software throughout its worldwide dealer channel.

Blubox V4.0 was  developed by Blubox Software, part of the ROK Group of Companies.
The BluBox software application combines compression technology with industry-standard encryption. BluBox has been designed for the digital image consumer market; empowering people by improving the Internet photo sharing experience and ensuring the protection of private and personal information.
Phoenix Software is a software republishing and distribution company. Established in 1999, it now has offices in the UK, Zambia and South Africa, as well as affiliate partnerships in South East Asia and the US. The company’s strength lies in its ability to offer good margins and value added service for its channel partners.
Phoenix Software has successfully negotiated worldwide rights to distribute BluBox in all international territories with the exception of North America, France and Spain.
“Phoenix Software has extensive experience in taking multimedia products to market. It has a proven track record of producing outstanding results in both the UK and South Africa. Our partnership represents a great opportunity to provide customers with our state-of-the-art solutions that perfectly meet our needs in these key European countries," says Peter Boswell, CEO of BluBox Software.
Blubox uses image compression techniques to reduce photos and image files by up to 95% without sacrificing picture quality – even with pre compressed formats like JPEG.
“The sharp growth of digital cameras and mobile phones in the last decade has led to a need for higher mega pixel CCD capacity," says Jason Phillips, sales director of Phoenix Software “BluBox software is the simple and innovative way to compress image file sizes. We are very excited to have been chosen as the international partner and are looking forward to growing the BluBox business.”