Sahara Computers has formally entered into a partnership with Intel SA to address the demand for high performance PC infrastructure within South Africa’s gaming sector.

The national supplier of information, communication and digital lifestyle technology is one of three official gaming partners that will contribute towards Intel’s presence in – and offering to this sector, particularly within the high end segment of the market.
Sahara’s track record, expertise, experience and ongoing contribution to the local channel has elevated the brand’s reputation and has provided a solid platform for successful entry into high volume, competitive sections of the market such as gaming, says Gary Naidoo, deputy MD at Sahara.
“We are positioned at the forefront of global developments in lifestyle technology. Advancement in processing technologies has resulted in the release of 45 nanometer offerings from Intel that inject pace, performance, clarity and capacity to handle the level of gaming products being disseminated globally every day. Our expertise in PC development and manufacture means that we are a valuable ally to Intel in its ongoing quest to capture market share,” says Naidoo.
Representatives from Sahara recently joined other partners in a display of Intel’s 45nm processor technology and the announcement and introduction of "Skulltrail", the codename for the latest advancement in technology designed to boost speed and performance for gaming.
Speaking at the event, Gary Burgess, channel marketing manager at Intel South and Sub-Saharan Africa, said the company is proud to have in place solid partnerships with established and experienced manufacturers of PCs.
He also reiterated the strength of the company’s ongoing contribution towards gaming, pointing out the processor technology roadmap which is headed for 32nm mark by 2009.
Sahara Computers supplied its custom-built high-end gaming machine for one of several gaming stations at the event.
The PC infrastructure placed at each station allowed for Intel to host a play off between several gamers. The action was covered on big screens for all to enjoy and this also demonstrated the power and performance of next generation gaming technology.
“We are very pleased to be a part of this exciting initiative and contribution towards what is a key segment of the digital lifestyle market,” comments Naidoo. “The advancement in technology is demonstrated by the careful and powerful combination of hardware and processor power. This continues to support high speed and improved performance for gaming enthusiasts.”