Dell today announced the Dell Client Migration Solution, an integrated set of services and tools that can reduce Vista migration costs by up to 62 percent and desk-side time and labour by up to an estimated 88%. 

Designed for organisations planning an operating system migration or hardware deployment of 2,500 systems or more, Dell’s Client Migration Solution can simplify the process by addressing pervasive challenges such as network utilisation, application compatibility and end-user downtime, all while minimising costs.  
“Organisations are evaluating their Windows Vista migration policies and procedures, and as they do so, it will be imperative for them to address all stages of the migration process,” says Matt Healey, research manager: Hardware and Software Support Services at IDC. “Dell has recognised this need and has developed a suite of services to address these needs.”
Based on best practices, Dell’s Client Migration Solution includes focused services to help customers determine hardware and application compatibility in their client environment, then seamlessly plan, deploy and manage migrated systems. The solution leverages new patent-pending Dell Automated Deployment technologies that can speed the deployment process, reduce post-migration issues, mitigate risk and eliminate network traffic normally associated with deployments.
Additionally, Dell provides customers with the tools and expertise needed to help better manage ongoing technology refreshes and instruction to ensure support staff and end-users are properly trained.
"Customers are migrating to Windows Vista and they’ve asked Dell to provide services to simplify the process for them,” says Ockert Cameron, Microsoft practice lead at Dell SA. “In response, Dell is delivering a new integrated solution that combines focused, upfront planning with industry-leading processes and tools to streamline setup, minimise onsite and manual intervention, and drive complexity out of the process, helping customers reclaim time and money.”