Hybrid satellite services could soon fuel growth in broadcasting, bandwidth, telecommunications and Internet services. 

UAE-based Al Yah Satellite Communications Company (Yahsat) is using Satcomm to showcase its satellite capabilities and coverage areas for potential business partners seeking the complete range of satellite services.
Yahsat is the first to provide hybrid satellite services in the Middle East and Africa, which has seen increasing demand for such services. A variety of factors are fuelling this demand, such as new regulation policies, the tremendous growth of media and  satellite broadcasting, the ever-growing hunger for bandwidth, telecom expansion and new satellite driven internet services.
“Yahsat was developed out of the realisation that there is a growing need for satellite services to both the Middle East and Africa," says said Jassem Mohamed Al Zaabi, CEO of Yahsat.
"Our company will offer full coverage to Africa using C band with possibility of connectivity to Europe and Middle East. With greater connectivity comes economic prosperity and Yahsat is looking to drive this through the provision of cost effective services to Africa."
Yahsat lets organisations take advantage of flexibility and custom-designed satellite services to cover the entire African region which has seen considerable growth and demand for satellite communications services.
Potential customers include the government sector as well as a range of commercial clients, such as banking and financial institutions, broadcasters, manufacturers, mobile telecommunications networks, satellite service providers, Internet service providers and non-governmental organisations (NGO).
Satellite communications also play a crucial role when natural disasters take place. People living in remote and isolated areas are the most vulnerable and disaster-prone and these are the most difficult to reach in a disaster. Satellite services will make it easier for NGOs to communicate with the affected area and the local authorities, ultimately helping to save time and lives.