Cyberoam has launched high-performance enhancements to its powerful CR product line with the use of multi-core processors.

With high throughput and price efficiencies derived out of innovative multi-core optimised software, Cyberoam unified threat management (UTM) appliances offer granular and comprehensive security in addition to high performance, ensuring that organisations receive optimum network security against emerging and existing threats without impacting the bottom line.
With these latest enhancements, the new Cyberoam UTM appliances now run on dual core to dual-quad core processors. Coupled with innovative software design that leverages the power of multi-core architecture, Cyberoam provides unprecedented throughputs beyond 3 Gbps of IPS and 600 Mbps of UTM throughput over HTTP unlike competitive solutions that publish UDP throughput figures.
Cyberoam’s best-of-breed multi-core UTM now offers increased granular network visibility in a single, highly-scalable appliance to provide enterprise-level security without increasing capital and operating expenses. The multi-core appliances coupled with Cyberoam’s software innovations allow for parallel processing of security operations, resulting in a high-speed, low-latency solution.
As user-targeted threats proliferate and compliance requirements rise, having truly granular visibility into the network security picture has become necessary – which is best delivered via an identity-based approach. This approach coupled with these latest enhancements enables Cyberoam to provide customers with a powerful yet cost-effective solution for fighting both emerging and existing threats no matter how dynamic the threat landscape is.
Cyberoam delivers a robust network security strategy that reaches far beyond the capabilities of traditional hardware-accelerated security solutions that are restricted in delivering the modifications required to defend against emerging threats. Unlike the static hard-wired nature of hardware acceleration, Cyberoam’s software-optimized multi-core security delivers continually updated security with high performance updates that are based on continuous software development, which is highly flexible in nature.