The Climate Savers Computing Initiative has announced a partnership with the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ENERGY STAR program to accelerate the adoption of energy-saving technology and practices.

Over the next three years, the two organisations will collaborate on technical specifications and work together to promote the adoption of energy-efficient PCs and servers and the use of power management to enterprises and consumers.
“Today’s partnership announcement unites ENERGY STAR and industry in an effort to rally the technology industry to reduce computer energy consumption and fight climate change,” says Bob Meyers, principal deputy assistant administrator for EPA's Office of Air & Radiation.
“The ENERGY STAR brand is the most universally recognized symbol of energy saving products around the world,” says Mark Bramfitt, Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s representative on the Climate Savers Computing board of directors. “By recommending systems that have earned the ENERGY STAR, the Climate Savers Computing Initiative is making it easier for our members to identify and choose energy-efficient systems, a critical step toward our goal of reducing computer power consumption by 50% by 2010.”
As members of the Climate Savers Computing Initiative, companies commit to reducing energy consumption from a majority of their computing equipment by:
* Pledging to purchase high-efficiency computer equipment;
* Optimising existing computer systems to use power management capabilities, such as hibernation and sleep modes; and
* Ensuring in subsequent years they purchase computing equipment with increasing levels of efficiency.
Under the terms of the partnership, ENERGY STAR becomes the Climate Savers Computing Initiative’s baseline technical recommendation now and in the future. The Initiative recommends that consumers and enterprises buying new PCs choose systems that meet or exceed the latest ENERGY STAR specification, and use computer power management on existing and new systems.
The Climate Savers Computing Initiative will continue working to define and promote best practices for computing efficiency, and will provide technical input into future ENERGY STAR specifications. The EPA will provide power management tools and resources for Climate Savers Computing members and will offer technical assistance to help Climate Savers Computing enterprise members implement power management.