Bula Holdings, supplier of software, services and infrastructure have announced a strategic joint venture with Gestetner SA. The announcement comes five months after Bula acquired CommerceQuest SA. 

“We have an acquisition plan in place that positions the Bula group of companies as a true solutions provider," says Richard Isaacs, CEO of Bula Holdings. "We’ve had to take a re-look at our target markets and are launching an aggressive campaign into the SMB and government space.
"The joint venture with Gestetner SA gives us that extra boost and ties us into one of the leading document solution companies in southern Africa. Both Bula and Gestetner SA will be tapping into their respective client base and will aggressively cross-sell into these customers."
The joint venture, launched as Bula Document Solutions will offer customers throughout southern Africa document management solutions, services, supplies and consultancy.
“The JV with Bula will further increase our footprint in South Africa and give our existing client base access to the software that Bula has to offer," says Richard Pinkert, CEO of Gestetner SA. "It will also give Gestetner access to the Bula client base and vice versa. In order to differentiate ourselves from our competitors we believe, in addition to our service, a full software suite will give Gestetner the competitive advantage and will increase our clients’ productivity and cost efficiencies."
The Bula group of companies consists of Bula Solutions, Bula Technologies, Bula Document Solutions and CommerceQuest SA.