Accsys, a national provider of HR and payroll services has played an instrumental role in assisting its client, IEMAS (Co-Operative), a service provider within the financing and insurance sector affiliated to the Banking SETA (Sector Education & Training Authority), to train and recruit prospective employees using online virtual education or e-learning.

In keeping with its corporate policy of equal opportunity, in-house training and skills development, Human Resource representatives from IEMAS (Co-Operative) have helped to carve out an opportunity within payroll administration within the company for Noel Lotter, a 22-year old hearing impaired student from Pretoria.
Despite this disadvantage, Lotter is more than up to the challenge of meeting stringent deadlines and responsibilities associated with his position at the company, while also pursuing his Accsys Payroll Administration Diploma over the Web.
This drive and determination is the common denominator in the young man’s employment history.
Having matriculated from Sonitus School for the Deaf in 2005, Lotter immediately set about planning his journey into the working world.
His first route took him to the marketing division of an agricultural business focused on seed cultivation for maize, near Delmas.
This experience in agriculture soon opened up a new and substantial window of opportunity for Lotter and in May of 2005 he embarked on a three-month working holiday in South Dakota in the US.
“We worked long hours as part of the wheat harvesting team and it was a very rewarding experience. Although drought and adverse weather conditions in the area cut the trip short, we benefited immensely from exposure to a different culture, different people and new technologies,” says Lotter.
Upon his return Lotter secured employment in construction on behalf of PPC Cement. This job ran from August to December of 2005.
Following a number of temporary jobs and work experience on a casual basis, Lotter’s friends put him into contact with IEMAS (Co-Operative).
The company has a proud track record of empowering previously disadvantaged individuals and those with disabilities seeking experience and opportunity within payroll administration, with specific use and application of the e-learning or virtual tuition facility.
Louise Geyer, group manager: human resources at IEMAS Pty, explains that a few years ago the company made a decision to support disabled learners in their quest for skills through the learnership. At the same time the company identified the Accsys eLearning course as an ideal mechanism to teach those who want to enter the profession.
“The payroll environment is ideal for someone who can write and who is accurate. Initially we made the classic mistake of matching the disability with the functionality – while being a practical approach, it does not always address the needs of someone in this position. This has changed quite significantly with time. Our intention to introduce learners with disability, train them and help them to become employed is a contribution – albeit small – towards the company, the individual and society as a whole.”
Geyer confirms that Lotter has managed very well with his duties and is meticulous with data, specifically numbers and calculations. He enjoys using the Internet and PC equipment and is comfortable with client interaction.
“He is very clear over the phone and communicates very well with clients. We are very pleased with his progress. He works very hard to overcome any obstacles in communication. This is a very powerful example of how technology can be applied to bridge gaps in society, to create understanding and awareness. Our long-term partnership with Accsys has provided us with the necessary support and resources to continue to facilitate this approach and strategy,” adds Geyer.
The concept of virtual tuition or e-learning is gaining popularity within the corporate sector as an effective means of acquiring skills, securing employment and adding value to industry says Teryl Schroenn, CEO at Accsys.
The company has attracted local and global acclaim for its contribution to skills development and education having conceptualized and released the first available online payroll qualification in Africa.
“We are very pleased to support IEMAS in this initiative. Aside from the practical benefit of applying e-Learning in the workplace, we are committed to assisting Noel in acquiring the Diploma and developing his career,” says Schroenn.