BI Survey 7, a leading independent survey of the business intelligence (BI) software market, has found that MicroStrategy customers lead in Web deployment. For the seventh consecutive year, MicroStrategy customers are more successful in deploying BI via the Web than are customers using any other leading BI product.

Conducted by independent analyst Nigel Pendse and BARC, The Business Application Research Center, The BI Survey 7 compiled the BI experiences of nearly 2,000 respondents. The Survey found that MicroStrategy had the highest Web Deployment Rate of 79.2%, meaning 79.2% of MicroStrategy’s customers reported that they have deployed BI via the Web to at least 50% of their users.
According to The BI Survey 7, BI applications deployed via the Web deliver greater business value and benefits than those deployed via client/server technology. Information reach is improved, and setup and maintenance costs are significantly reduced.
“Since the inception of this Survey, MicroStrategy sites have had the highest rates for Web deployment,” said Nigel Pendse, author of The BI Survey 7. “The MicroStrategy product line was designed from the ground up for large scale Web deployments, rather than being converted from older desktop or client/server architectures as other vendors have chosen to do.
"This provides an advantage for MicroStrategy’s customers, who report on far more data, to more users, and who are much more likely to be Web connected than those using other products.”
Sanju Bansal, MicroStrategy’s COO, comments: “We are pleased that The BI Survey, once again, found that MicroStrategy customers have greater success in deploying BI via the Web than customers of other BI providers. The Web continues to be a highly effective delivery mechanism for deploying BI to large user populations. MicroStrategy’s full-featured Web interface provides an intuitive array of one-click actions to make business users highly productive in their viewing and exploration of data.”
MicroStrategy will host a one-hour Webcast, “Selecting BI Technology for Enterprise Success – Lessons Learned from over 1,800 Companies’ Experiences,” on April 24, 2008, featuring Nigel Pendse and findings from The BI Survey 7.